Sunny Sweeney Talks About Marriage and Acting on “My Bed” Video Set

Sunny Sweeney‘s new video for “My Bed,” which stars Will Hoge, is an emotional story of divorce. The song hits home for Sweeney, who was divorced once before.

“It’s so emotional,” she tells Rolling Stone. “I don’t drive around and listen to my own music, but for the last two weeks I’ve been listening to this song a lot because I knew we were doing the video for it. There were a couple of emotional days where I just started crying because I’m happy right now. I’m happily married and actually find it hard to write songs about that time in my life now. I have to actually make myself physically go there instead of just accidentally already being there.”

She adds that even though the video shoot was an easy process, she hasn’t quite been bit by the acting bug.

“I love my job,” Sweeney says. “I sometimes really can’t believe it’s my job. So I think I’ll just stick with singing. I wouldn’t mind doing a walk-on role on one of my favorite murder shows or cop shows. . . or Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck. Just sayin’.”

by RTT Staff Writer

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