Sunny Sweeney Interview: Singer-Songwriter Gets ‘Provoked’ On Her Latest Album

Sunny Sweeney‘s third studio album is an instant classic.

After releasing her previous albums via major labels, the singer-songwriter crowd-funded part of her latest project, ‘Provoked,’ and partnered with Thirty Tigers for her own imprint, Aunt Daddy Records. The resulting album is an undiluted shot of Sweeney, ranging from playful, attitude-laden songs to somber tracks, without a single filler song in the entire collection. Readers of The Boot overwhelmingly voted ‘Provoked’ our Album Of The Month for August 2014.

Sweeney drew on her own very personal ups and downs over the last few years for the new songs, including a divorce, a new marriage and all of the emotional peaks and valleys that go along with those changes.

Highlights include the first single, ‘Bad Girl Phase,’ a duet with Will Hoge titled ‘My Bed,’ ‘Front Row Seats’ — which features the unbeatable line, “We all just sing along while the world goes to hell in a feel-good song” — ‘Backhanded Compliment’ and ‘Everybody Else Can Kiss My Ass,’ which probably deserves a special Grammy for Best Country Song Title of the Year.

The Boot caught up with Sweeney recently to talk about the new album, taking control of her own career, the environment for female artists in the current marketplace and more in the following wide-ranging interview.

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